Friday, June 19, 2009

Languishing in the doldrums of Summer mundanity

Everyone puts 'The Summer' on such a high pedestal. Anyone with such a significant amount of time on their hands, pleasant weather to look forward to and aspirations of wealth and wonder are going to imagine the Summer to be blissfully, endlessly exciting.

And it never is.

Much like the rest of the year, every day is spent waiting and longing for something that is either a ways away, or not likely to happen at all. One could use the 'just seize the day and shut up' argument, but how can the day be seized when there's no money, no sun and not really all that many people around? It's a tricky business.

The immediate option is to flee from this side of the Atlantic and hope for greener pastures in the US of A or the mountainous mystery that is Canadialand. Ask ten people who have opted for this approach in the last year however, and you're likely to hear stories of bumming around a room with ten other people, with no space, no money and nothing to do.

So with all of this negativity, what can we turn to?

This question raises all sorts of interesting answers. Without any money or company, we are forced to find ways to fill our time, leading to conceivably more interesting activities than before. Thanks to boredom, I have joined a gym, written the first few chapters of an endearingly crap story that no one will ever read and have re-ignited an old love affair with my Xbox. Last week, I even got to see my best friend break a world record. In spite of the seemingly pathetic existence this is, I will look as fondly back on this as any of my European travel experiences or any of the other wonderfully expensive activities that filled my previous Summers.

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