Thursday, January 21, 2010

On the Dry 2010: Week One

That's right, folks.

For the majority of this college semester (the eleven weeks before the Summer Ball), I shall be completely sober. Why such a drastic lifestyle choice you may ask? Well, don't worry, it's got nothing to do with me worrying about my health or even my figure (although it might be nice to have washboard abs); it's entirely a financial thing. The plan is to go to Canada this Summer (following a super-fun rock festival in Germany) and while all the gears have been set in motion where actually getting there is concerned, the problem lies in my not really having any money beyond that. Saving is the name of the game. Unfortunately, I've always been a bit shit at that. Quite prominently, once I began making a lot of money (well, compared to the rest of my money-earning days, anyway), like most students, I tended to piss it all away on mad nights out (not to mention all of the other feckless expenditures I find myself making).

So, the plan is to cut all of these nasty habits out of my life. No spontaneous DVD purchases, no clothing binges and most importantly, no booze. Will it be tough? Most certainly. Will it be impossible? Certainly not.

I'm going to be very strict about this, as well, in the sense that I'm not going to be allowing other people to buy drink for me, either. This has to be complete cold turkey, because if I accept gift-drinks (that sounds really creepy), then I'm more likely to end up just going off and buying some with my own money (which is baaad). So it's all or nothing.

The last drink I had was last Sunday, when I had two beers. Since then, I've been totally dry, meaning I'm just shy of one week completely sober. Already I've been noticing the difference on my wallet. I haven't had any money anyway, but I've barely even noticed, because the one night when I did go out, I bought a Red Bull and a bar of chocolate and with travel, the whole night ended up costing about €6.50. Not too shabby, considering I once spent €80 in Winters.

So, here's to the future (raises glass of water).

Rest assured, on the eve of the Summer Ball, I will need to be carried home.

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