Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Code of Silence: The Cream of the Chuck Norris' Crop?

Those of you who may have stopped by here once or twice will have realised by now that there is little in this world that I enjoy more than watching B-movies from the last thirty odd years and picking them apart for the amusement of myself and (hopefully) the internet. Chuck Norris has repeatedly been a party involved in the creation of these notoriously entertaining pieces of schlock rubbish, most notably (and most hilariously) in the 1983 "Modern-Day Western" epic that was Lone Wolf McQuade. Happening upon the film one night in Xtra Vision, my compatriots and I suspected that we were in for a winner. Little did we know, that we were actually in for a masterpiece. The film is a tour-de-force of unintentional, laugh-out-loud humour and "WTFilm-making" (a term I have just coined, right now at this very second). If I was to explain exactly why, it would ruin all the fun of the film, so all I can do is to direct you to your nearest video outlet, online store or...other source of obtaining films (can't imagine how else one would acquire films in this day and age...) and ensure you of 90 minutes of beery fun.

Ever since that fateful viewing, I have been obsessed with watching Chuck Norris' back-catalogue of 80s movies as well as a large chunk of Walker, Texas Ranger (preferably the later seasons where the theme tune is warbled by Chuck Norris himself and the fight scenes are exaggerated with sensational sound effects and over-the-top finishing moves.

How and ever, when watching the classic 80s cop movie "Code of Silence" last night, myself and my co-watcher (and regular FTF commenter) Diarmuid Ó Muirgheasa were taken aback by the genuine no-nonsense quality of the film. Sure there were roundhouse kicks and badass one-liners aplenty ("If I wanted an opinion, I'd a' beaten it outta' ya!"), but all-in-all, the film boasted a decent script for a cop thriller and said a lot about internal corruption and how the badge can temper one's better judgement.

Plus, it had possibly my favourite Chuck Norris fight scene of all time (which I won't spoil by posting a video).

Check it out.

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  1. It's true - this is not only a great Chuck Norris movie, but a pretty good film full stop. Fair play Chuck - you've done it again!