Monday, March 22, 2010

The ‘Traveler DV-5000’: My new Camera!

Today in Aldi (a german chain of discount stores in an hilariously ongoing feud with the almost identical concept chain, Lidl), I bought a digital video camera for €69.99.
It’s not great (it can’t take an external microphone and the quality is so-so and a bit blurry. The zoom’s rubbish.), but it is good. Very good, I’d say for what I’ll need it for; taking gritty, unfussy videos at a moment’s notice and not having to worry about losing an expensive, fragile piece of high-tech equipment. The ‘Traveler’ (note the lack of a second ‘L’) is aptly named. It’s a sturdy little bastard, only a little bit bigger than a packet of cigarettes, lined with a cheesy 1980s-style PVC-like finish on its sides.
I won’t have to worry about it shattering into a bazillion useless pieces. This sucker’s gonna’ last.
The best thing about it though is that it comes with video conversion software so you can fit movie files on it. This means I can watch entire movies and TV shows on the go! I love the future.
Anyway, while I’ve had a webcam for as long as I’ve had a laptop and I easily could have had video content here before now, with a mobile camera I’ll likely be a lot more enthusiastic about putting my own video content up. I have a rather ambitious project lined up for the Summer…