Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Feelers of Fury, I give to you this e-mail which I sent to my family:

"Dear Family,

I'm pleased to report that I arrived safe and sound at 9pm last night. Unfortunately, Parker and his friend weren't able to collect us because they thought our flight was arriving direct from Dublin earlier on in the day, but we got a Taxi and we were happy enough.

The place we're staying in is close to Chinatown; an area that fulfills all the Hollywood stereotypes of "dodgy and run-down". Broken down shops and ramshackled buildings are neatly located beside shiny, sparkling Hummers and Escalades that probably belong to drug dealers. To say the area doesn't have character would be a lie.

The rooms are quite nice, spacious and have all sorts of drawers and cabinets, so I doubt I'll ever run out of space. The only problem is the lack of hangers and bedclothes (not even a duvet). Last night's "sleep" wasn't the best, in that regard. The back wall is very wide and very grey and utterly unpainted. Adds a sort of rough, loft-like bravado to the place. Our rooms are all beside each other, downstairs from our apartment kitchen. Curiously enough, there's another room beside the kitchen in the upstairs section, belonging to an individual who has not checked-in yet. The individual's name? See for yourself.

There are loads of free classified freesheets advertising jobs
, so we're looking through them as best we can. The only trouble is that a lot of them are taken up by ads for training courses, etc that aren't much use to us. Nothing much in them in the way of waitering jobs, so we'll probably just have to hunt those places down.

Right now, we're getting ready to head to a USIT Orientation Meeting, and of course The Odd Couple have started arguing already because Diarmuid is insistent that we stay and enjoy some sort of soccer competition that is taking place and that we are cultural philistines and that he can't believe us, blah, blah, blah. Dónal's just eager to get to work, methinks! Personally, I think it might be better if we take this day to relax, given how exhausted we all are and the USIT Swap Centre is 5kms away.

My phone's not set up properly yet, so I haven't been able to use it to call anyone, but I'll let you know when I can.

My very best wishes to one and all,



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