Thursday, June 17, 2010

CanadaQuest Part II: The Bombshell

We hit a rather sizeable snag, today I'm afraid.

(If you're reading this, Dad, you'd better sit down)...

...It turns out we neglected to prepare bank drafts for a whopping $940 that we owe our accomodators for 9am tomorrow. We hadn't really prepared to have to owe this much money so soon (a day into the trip) and this more or less cripples our budgets and any possibility of us being able to plan ahead in terms of our living costs (not to mention the repayments on the various loans we've all had to take out). We've got enough to get by for a little while, but we are now basically banking on getting jobs, and soon, and if that doesn't happen, it's Homeward Bound time...

We can do it.

In a world where I can coordinate an election in the midst of controversy and steer it clear in the direction of democracy away from students-who-aren't-actually-students... In a world where I can communicate with Cheb train conductors (without a word of English) in my native language of Irish... In a crazy world where I can find the near-mythical comics adaptation of the unedited, ultimate cut of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace...


...we can get jobs and survive the entirety of this trip into which we've so lengthily poured our collective hearts and souls.

Say a prayer for us.


  1. Courage Wolf knows what to do...

    -John Stone :D

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