Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Obscure Superman Tie-In Comic Success!

...which is in the running for the weirdest-sounding post-title, ever.

Today, while job-hunting in the bustling city of Toronto, I poked my nose back into the comic book store where I found the aforementioned, legendary comic book adaptation of one of my favourite "movies that no one else likes" Superman IV. Sure enough, they had the guts of the entire (extremely hard-to-find because so few people actually care about it) series of Superboy: The Comic Book, the tie-in to the little-known Superboy live action show of the late eighties and early nineties. Each issue was of course, dirt cheap.

I recently acquired the whole series of the show as well, so hopefully in a few weeks, I can do a mass review of the series and the accompanying comic (at least the sixteen issues I managed to find).


  1. Happy reading. They really bring back good memories of the show too. It's like filler in between episodes. I'd like to read your review of the series when you get around to it. My personal favorites are seasons 2-4 with Gerard Christopher as Superboy. The show just got better and better each season. :D