Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feeling the Fury: Legend of the Ghostly Update II

Greetings loyal fans!

Apologies for the lack of any actual content here over the past while. Back in the early days of this merry site during lull times I'd be quite happy to occasionally post some aimless meanderings that didn't really have any basis in anything particularly important or interesting, whatsoever. Over time, I've found that the content here is getting more and more advanced (it's certainly getting longer) and posts like that are just a waste of time and space and don't really reflect what I want to do with Feeling the Fury and where I want it to go (if you'll forgive me for being so self-indulgent). Plus, Facebook was pretty much invented for complaining about cancelled lectures and giving snippet reviews of okay films.

Anyway, needless to say an awful lot has transpired in the time that I haven't written anything here. My birthday, Christmas and New Year's all came and went by with pleasant incidents and occurrences as well as some significantly crushing disappointments that changed some of my perspective regarding a few things, but let's not waste any more time on that.

Having to start work on my thesis pretty much immediately while juggling lectures, the student union and my part-time job means two things: the posts here will probably be even less frequent or more frequent than they've ever been before. I've always found that the very best stuff I write here comes as a result of frustration and procrastination during times where I really should be doing more important work. The beauty of the stuff I write here is that it may actually become more important in the future than the stuff I'm labeling as 'important' right now.


For the small handful of you who follow and read most of what I write, I'll tell you that I'm working on a new video-blog-type show along the same lines as CanadaQuest. The main problem with it so far is that CanadaQuest had a very specific theme and purpose whereas this new one is sort of inherently an excuse for me to faff around with Movie Maker and YouTube with no real documentary aspect to it, whatsoever. I think if you take it with a pinch of salt though and remember that the tongue is specifically in cheek where the show is concerned, it could end up being really fun.

Keep reading and please remember to feel the fury!